The Taiwan based firm we all love, HTC is launching an action cam but they say it’s less aimed  “for adrenaline junkies” than GoPro cameras, called the Re, the device doesn’t boast a screen and is shaped like a little cylinder. The design reminds me of a periscope, and in shape and size the camera resembles an Apple TV remote. On one side of the device is a 16-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens, and on the other side is a standard tripod screw.

There are only two inputs on the camera being that it does not have a screen; There’s a large shutter button and a click of this takes a photo and a long press starts recording high quality video. There is a button on the front for settings and configuration. There isn’t an on and off button but the device will sense when someone picks up the camera, and it will be ready to take a photo within seconds of being picked up.

HTC’s Re app, which works as a viewfinder when connected to a smartphone over Wi-Fi will be the main way for people to interact with their photos, but you don’t need to have the app working to use the Re as a camera. And the application won’t be specific to HTC phones, either. Initially it will be available for devices with Bluetooth on Play, and an iOS version is in the works. It’s not HTC’s first app for non-HTC devices, but it does mark a shift in direction for the handset manufacturer.

It’s waterproof and small enough to fit in your pocket so it could work well in a crowded area or water sports situations, even though HTC claimed that it does not intend to compete with GoPro in this niche and most people could use their smartphones in non-wet situations. But it can also be worn in a shirt pocket, as a kind of vlogging tool and a software update that is in the works will give the Re the ability to livestream video straight to Youtube. The small size and slender shape also raises eyebrows about using the Re for secret recording for nefarious purposes but there’s a hardwired LED on the front which lights up when in use, so HTC has the eyebrow lowering side of things covered too.

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